Ana’s Playground helps kids choose play over war

photos | Andy Richter

Dave Weiberg carried a Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher (RPG) into an elevator at Minneapolis’ Riverside Plaza. A young man who stood beside him asked, “Is that real?” Dave quickly said no and explained that the gun was a prop for the film Ana’s Playground. The young man smiled and said, “Well it looks great, it looks just like the one I used to shoot when I was a boy.” He told Dave that he had been a child solider in the conflict in Somalia.

The cast and crew of Ana’s Playground were amazed by this coincidence. They were creating a film about children in armed conflict in a neighborhood that had experienced it first-hand.

The idea to make a short film about children in conflict came to Eric Howell after he read a novel about snipers in Sarajevo. Knowing that there was already a lot of information available about the topic, Eric wanted to make something different. He created a film set in an indefinite location, without language or a specific culture.

Howell hopes that this ambiguity will portray his film’s message: not the story of a specific conflict, but about the problem that children all over the world are forced to make life and death decisions. “It’s [about] the moment where a child is forced to choose between ideology and humanity. The one moment where a child has to choose war over play.”

Howell plans to give this compelling short film to organizations that provide aid to war-effected kids. The film’s screening and branding rights will be given to organizations so they can use Ana’s Playground as a fundraising tool. Howell anticipates that the film will be released in May or June.

As a filmmaker, Howell understands that it is his responsibility to ignite conversation and action among people. “This is one way that I can do my part. It’s not going to change the world … but if you can change some thought in a few people and motivate a few people then maybe you’ve done something,” he says.


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