All Aboard the Seoul Train

Posted by Adam Hanson on July 29th 2009 in Organizations Edit

What can a group of American college students do for North Korean refugees 10,000 miles away? One organization, Liberty in North Korea (LiNK), proves everyone has a part to play to help North Koreans.

No one knows how many North Koreans have managed to escape out of their country and into China. Estimates of how many refugees may be living in China range into the hundreds of thousands. China refuses to recognize the refugee status of these escapees, capturing and deporting hundreds daily and deporting them back to North Korea where they will face imprisonment, torture and possible execution for attempting to “defect.”

Started in 2004 as a loose connection of college students concerned about these refugees, LiNK has grown into a non-profit that aids North Koreans through a network of shelters in Asia and education and assistance programs here in the US. Perhaps LiNK’s most important role is to educate about the plight of these refugees through grassroots action. By asking people to listen to the heroic stories of escapees from North Korea and those who have helped them along the “underground railroad” through China, LiNK is hoping to inspire many more Americans to support this life saving work.

LiNK is currently looking for “Nomads”, individuals who would travel to different cities educating people about North Korea and showing the documentary film Seoul Train. They hope this passionate adventurous group of Nomads will spark a nationwide movement to support the liberation of North Korean refugees.

Become A Nomad - Music Video from LiNK Global on Vimeo.

Liberty in North Korea (LiNK)
Watch the Nomads Music Video
Watch the Seoul Train trailer

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