"Save The World" Photo Challenge

Do you have a great image depicting "saving the world?" Submit it to NEED*.

photos | John Abernathy (1 and 2), Claudia Janke, Scott Harrison, Yan Sieler, Maciej Dakowicz and Paul Corbit Brown

Your image will be shared on the blog of our new campaign; "screw the man - save the world." Top images will be selected to be displayed on the NEED magazine homepage. And with the success of the "stm-stw" campaign, may appear in the print version of NEED.

What to send:

1. Your best single image depicting saving the world in jpeg format no bigger than 500px by 500px
2. 65 character (not 65 words) description of the image
3. Name and URL of the aid organization affiliated with your image, if any
4. Your full name
5. URL of your website

NEED is a photo-driven publication about life-changing global humanitarian efforts. This is your chance to be part of it.

Submit your images to photos@screwtheman.net


*Do not send images that are vulgar, racist, sexist, overtly political or pornographic. Inappropriate images will not be displayed.

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