Child Addiction

This post was submitted by photographer Nathan Golden

Street children living at the Howrah Railway Station near Kolkata, India, take care of themselves and each other in an otherwise uncaring environment. I was moved by their ability to generate a community and to survive. They represent tremendous potential that is wasted and in danger of being lost altogether.

Drug usage among minors has created a global generation of addicted and often abandoned children bereft of family support, education and social skills. Most of the kids at Howrah are addicted to Dendrite, an industrial glue that provides a quick, powerful high, and that is both cheap and readily available. The kids squeeze Dendrite onto a rag and huff (inhale) its fumes through the mouth. Huffing Dendrite immediately affects the brain and frequently causes hallucinations. Solvent fumes can cause extensive damage to the brain and nervous system, liver, kidneys and heart. Some users die without warning from cardiac failure.

A handful of organizations help these kids recover. My purpose in telling this story through photography is to further bring assistance to these children so they can escape addiction and life on the streets.

full photo essay: ascribeimages.com
information on involvement: Streams of Mercy

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