Education Foundation in Numan, Nigeria

Pepe Wonosikou, founder of the Numan School Project, enjoys some time with a young student in Numan, Nigeria.

The Numan School Project is an organization working to furnish schools in Numan, Nigeria with the tools necessary to provide a quality education to students. Founded in 2007 by 32-year-old Numan native Pepe Wonosikou, the organization aims to accommodate over 200 students with everything they need for a proper learning environment. These needs include plumbing, windows, doors, desks, chairs, books, blackboards, and uniforms (to name a few).

NEED caught up with Pepe Wonosikou for a conversation about Numan, Nigeria and the hopes she has for her project.

Q: How long did you live in Nigeria, and why did you leave it?

A: I moved to the United States in 1991. My father moved here to pursue his graduate studies at Luther Seminary.

Q: How would you describe Numan?

A: Numan is beautiful and rich in tradition. The vast savannah land of Numan covers approximately 2,193 square kilometers of which the Benue River flows right through. The projected population of Numan as per the last census recorded stood at 225,599 people. The area is blessed with rich and fertile land, just like the traditions and culture of its people.

The Numan School Project provided the students in this classroom with supplies.

Q: What is life and education like in Numan?

A: The major occupation in the area is farming and fishing. However, government and private sector jobs do exist, just not enough to support the incredibly high unemployment rate of the community. There are some primary schools in the area and a handful of secondary schools as well, nonetheless not nearly enough to satisfy the growing population of Numan. The schools that currently exist are over-crowded with students and have very limited resources.

Q: Why did you found the Numan School Project?

A: Because I believe that education is the most contributing factor for social and economic development, for present and future generations. It was important for me to find a way to give back directly to my community in Nigeria. I’ve been very lucky to have received a good education. I want to create the same window of opportunity for primary school student in Nigeria. The Numan School Project provides resources necessary for a safe, healthy and successful learning environment. One school at a time! The goal of the Numan School project is to provide primary schools student with the tools that allow them to gain access to quality educational services, by providing a pathway to future success.

Primary School students in Numan, Nigeria gather for a photo.

Q: What are your hopes for the future of Numan, Nigeria?

A: I hope that every child will have access to a quality education despite their socioeconomic background. In Nigeria currently 7 million children of primary school age are not enrolled in school, of which 62% are girls. I believe the right to an education should be granted to all children.

Numan School Project
P.O. Box 3953
Minneapolis, MN 55403

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