Education Amid Upheaval

This article was contributed by Timon Bondo, founder of Rabondo Community Project USA, as an update on its progress.

Gifts of time, money and kind thoughts have contributed to the revitalization of the Rabondo Village in ways that I could not have imagined ten years ago. In fact, we have just built two new classrooms earlier this year.

During my recent visit to Rabondo, I witnessed the upheaval that gripped Kenya following the disputed election. This affected every area of the country including Rabondo. The school was closed for over a month because parents were too frightened to allow their children to attend. The small dispensary was overwhelmed by many people coming from other areas in hopes for better care. People displaced by the violence are attracted to Rabondo because of our reputation for good education and medical care. As a result of this the Rabondo school is closed again due to a cholera outbreak introduced by evacuees who have recently joined the community.

The student population at our schools has increased due to the recent political crisis. We need to build more classrooms and more than half of our classrooms are in need of desks. Our recent progress has given us great hope. The success of the Rabondo community and its school means hope and opportunity for the children. To continue we need more resources. A contribution of $120 will pay for three new school desks hand crafted by a local carpenter. For $90, a local seamstress in the Rabondo community will sew ten school uniforms. We thank our friends and supporters for ongoing support and partnership.

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