2009 Social Entrepreneur's Cup Four Finalists

Social Venture Partners have announced the four finalists for the 2009 Social Entrepreneur's Cup. The judges have selected four outstanding social entrepreneurs whose organizations are finding new solutions in education, health care, sustainable energy, and homelessness. The finalists will make live presentations before judges and attendees at the Engaged Philanthropy Conference.

Admission Possible helps promising low-income high school students gain admission to college.

Apple Tree Dental provides dental services year-round for almost 15,000 low-income children, adults, elders and people with disabilities who struggle to get dental care.

Hearth Connection has created a "turnkey" solution capable of eliminating long-term homelessness in Minnesota that proves that getting people off the streets and out of shelters into homes of their own is not only possible, but is also life-saving and life-changing.

Rural Renewable Energy Alliance (RREAL) is saving low-income families money while reducing carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions; helping educate tomorrow's leaders about solar power; localizing energy production and thus improving national security; and creating green jobs in an impoverished community in northern MN.

for more:
Engaged Philanthropy Conference featuring the Social Entrepreneur's Cup Awards June 18, 2009

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